The origin of this term is not very clear, some think that it comes from Arabic, and others that it comes from Greek, the truth is that alchemy is a kind of science so to speak, dedicated to the investigation and search for a kind of potion or cure-all elixir and the discovery of the philosopher’s stone.

This type of science was developed in the middle ages and tried to combine chemistry, medicine, astrology, and spirituality. The main objective of alchemy was to be able to transform metals into gold, and to be able to achieve eternal life. The exercise of this special knowledge was important for the development of chemistry.

For the alchemists it was essential to find the whereabouts of the philosopher’s stone that according to their beliefs was capable of turning lead into gold that represented the achievement of perfect matter. They were so sure of their theory that they spent their time analyzing the possible transformations of the metal through its heating and refinement with some chemical processes.

The alchemists spent their time preparing potions integrating the four elements of nature: water, fire, earth and air, which were represented by mercury, salt and sulfur and which had to be refined by the action of fire.

Many of these alchemists were branded as frauds and liars, but it cannot be denied that thanks to their investigations, important discoveries were made, such as the origin of alcohol and mineral acids, making the development of pharmacology possible.