Aeonic healing is a method that uses radiation or solar energy, also known as maintaining health or helping to recover if affected by various types of illnesses, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual origin. Essentially, it is to anchor the energy and then extend it to certain places and areas of the patient’s body, almost intact, obtained during its short implementation (15 to 20 minutes) improve the functioning of the body and achieve a state of peace and harmony in general.

Aeonic healing is considered in the field of medicine as a complementary therapy, in this sense, those who have just received healing should not stop medical treatment by themselves, without taking into account the perception of well-being, nor expect it to be prescribed. , nor get further explanation about health status or recovery time because it is not in the power of a healer to do so. There is a big difference between being a doctor and a healer, their work can and should be done, but they both work in very different contexts. Healers help the patient create health in all aspects of life by channeling radiant energy, to balance and cleanse energy systems.

The name aeonial healing is due in part to the characteristics of sunlight. Sunlight is electromagnetic radiation emitted by discrete units of energy, called by physicist Max Planck, “quanta”, hence the word Quantum. Although the word comes from Eonic eons, it is a term used to define the electromagnetic radiation that emanates from the property of the healer’s hands with the property change or adapt to the vibrational frequency necessary to balance the energy deficit caused by various diseases. .

Each disease causes a loss of energy or an alteration of the particular vibrational frequency of the patient. Eons are quanta of light that, when channeled by the healer, provide the necessary frequency to compensate for this energy distortion in the patient. The aeons are perceived as “rays” of different colors by those who have a high sensory perception and it is precisely their different vibrational frequencies that vary their color.