It is a program that automatically runs, repeats itself, showing advertising in its path by downloading or downloading other possible programs or advertisements from a predetermined web page to the computer after a program is installed, this can also occur on mobile devices while being using an app.

The word adware in English composed of Ad that comes from advertising, publicity or announcement and software ware, programs, that is to say that it is an ad program that is repeated continuously, it can be presented in the form of graphic posters, floating or pop-up windows or redirecting to other pages, they do this to generate profits and monetary gains on the part of the creators and users.

It is known as a malicious program, which enters the computer while the user browses or works via the Internet, it is recognized as a virus that can be shared from one file to another in a hidden way, these in many cases are used to copy information such as credit cards, bank passwords, email passwords, photo and identity theft, among others.

One of the characteristics of these adware is that they track or spy on the use of information from old pages, displaying advertisements related to the interests and addresses that are usually visited on the web, operating through the promotions of a free program offering that you can access different content that normally could not be done, by accepting and downloading said free program, you are also downloading these spy programs that over time cause more damage to the computer.

To detect or stop these programs or viruses, it is recommended to install a protector on the computer in its different presentations of antivirus programs, which are activated when some of these try to access, as well as being sure of what can be downloaded via the web.