The word adobe is derived from the Arabic “al-tub”, which refers to a kind of brick made with a mass of mud made of sand or clay, which was mixed with straw to later shape it into a brick and put it to dry. sun, these bricks made of adobe were used for the construction of walls and walls. The technique of making these bricks spread throughout the world, being found in many civilizations that never had any link. Among its characteristics is: that of having a great thermal inactivity, this is due to its density to build, so it is very useful as a regulator of the interior temperature of the house, during the winter it conserves the heat and during the summer it conserves the freshness. As adobe is a material that is capable of absorbing atmospheric humidity, it tends to lose its resistance, which must be taken care of if it is exposed to long rainy seasons, since some walls could collapse.

Another characteristic is that the raw material for its elaboration can generally be obtained in the place where it is going to be built, thus saving transportation. It can be concluded then that adobe is a material that, thanks to its thermal characteristics, is ideal for regulating the temperature of the internal spaces of houses located in cold or summer climates, however it is not recommended in very rainy environments.

Now, in the context of computing and with the first letter in capital letters, the word Adobe is also used, but this time it is to refer to a company responsible for developing different types of software. The name of the company is “Adobe Systems Incorporated” founded in 1982 in California, United States. Among the software that this company designs are Photoshop, which is an image editor widely used by magazines and newspapers, to increase the quality of their photographs, for example, by eliminating any imperfection such as lightening a landscape, or removing a scar on the face. image of a person, etc. There is also Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe PageMaker, which are also programs developed by this same company.