Admiration is wonder or amazement at the surprising, ignored, or unexpected. Causing admiration in this sense is close to causing surprise. Admiration in a moral sense is when we contemplate with great esteem and pleasure a person for their perfection and excellence. In general, when something or someone causes admiration in another it is because they have attributions or properties, positive and original, that impact on this overflow.

Admiration implies a first moment of withdrawal or diminution of the mind by the unexpected, unusual and extraordinary of the fact that causes it. But this first moment, which is properly astonishment or amazement, is immediately followed by another in which man, moved by the desire to know that he is innate, tends to discover the cause of that fact by means of a suitable investigation; and it is precisely this search movement that is indicated in the advertising prefix of admiration.

Therefore, it is understood why admiration is the principle of philosophy and science in general, while the only stupor in any way could give birth. The admiration arises in the presence of a great and unforeseen event, whose existence is undoubted, but whose cause we do not know. There is, then, in admiration an ingredient of ignorance, and to flee from that ignorance, or out of the pure desire to know, man strives to discover the cause that will explain the fact that he is amazed.

And at the behest of spelling, exclamations, also called exclamations, are written this way! They are always used with the intention of emphasizing a comment, said order, among other options, while, when they appear in a writing that will be read, the comment they have must give an exclamatory intonation. The admiration and exclamation will start with and end with! example: It’s good to see you, Marta again!

What we admire is something out of the ordinary, it is different and positive. The causes of admiration depend on the sensitivity of each one: someone may feel admiration for a landscape and another may find something totally normal.

In love, admiration for the loved one predominates, because we choose him because he is for us, unique and different from all other beings that exist.