Address, word from the Latin “allocutĭo”, which means brief speech, in ancient times this word was used to talk about those public speeches directed by Roman soldiers to their troops, usually this action was accompanied by certain slogans that gave beginning or closing of each battle. This action could be carried out only by those who held a high position within society, such as soldiers, kings or rulers; the speech was generally made in open places and in a kind of tribune, which allowed drawing the attention of all listeners.

At present there is a tendency to confuse the terms of speech and elocution, it is for this reason that it is necessary to clarify that the speech is a speech directed by someone of authority to his subjects while the speech is the way in which it is spoken. or expressed orally.

When a speech is made, it must be taken into account that through it it is intended to make a topic known briefly, it is also necessary that each of the words be expressed with an adequate vocabulary, and a tone of voice must be pleasing to all listeners.

The structure of a speech is as follows: First of all, the person must have established in advance the topic that will be exposed, once established, the person must start with an opening of the topic, then a small development of the same continues and finally a conclusion. , where the outcome of the discussed topic will be held.