An advertisement is an advertising strategy framed in the need of a company to publicize its product. The relationship that goods and services have with consumers are closely related to the quality with which the advertisements exemplify the use of a product and even more so, when they guarantee that the product is in optimal conditions, is useful, appropriate and innovative. acquire it. An advertisement must contain a series of characteristics with which the consumer feels attracted, to find out what they are, specialized marketing agents are in charge of doing market analysis and surveys to determine what the client wants, what catches their attention and more. still important, what is the financial capacity of the client so that he decides to acquire the product or service.

The ads are usually eye-catching, large and of great visual quality, this contributes to customer loyalty to the brand. Large companies, given their great experience, have a significant advantage in matters of advertising compared to others. These companies have the ability to make a presence in every stratum of society, from the most humble to the most luxurious, since what they manufacture are products generic, necessary at all times by society and at affordable prices, in addition, the ads promote a product that is already known, so it is common to see an ad or a color or shape and associate it with the product.

The media are central focal points of the advertising business, these by definition attract the consumer at home, on the street, at work or anywhere, technology has brought about an important evolutionary change in society, so the use from advertisement to publicity has become a more dynamic tool, with greater skill and greater breadth in social networks and media. Ads are an important advertising strategy, it seeks to expand the frontier of reach of this in society and frame the brand or product to be sold in the minds of the consumer.