Accreditation is the act by which the State adopts and publishes the recognition that its academic peers make of the verification that an institution performs on the quality of its academic programs, its organization and operation, and the fulfillment of its social function. It is a process by which institutions voluntarily decide to demonstrate their excellence by making legitimate use of the autonomy guaranteed by the Constitution and the law.

Accreditations are very important in the field of journalism. In this case, it is about permits granted by the organizers of an event so that journalists can enter the place of the event and carry out their work, take photographs, interview the protagonists and observe the events and then communicate them. Take the case of the Soccer World Cup. Journalists wishing to access the matches must process their accreditation with FIFA, the organization in charge of organizing the tournament. This is how they get a card that allows them to enter the field of play, attend press conferences, etc.

The accreditation (of an institution) corresponds to a procedure of periodic and generally confidential evaluation of the resources and practices (including the techniques, processes and procedures) of an institution, in order to guarantee the quality of the products and services through the observance of certain standards previously established by certain regulations.

Therefore, it can be said that an institution is accredited when the organization of its resources and activities is a process whose final result meets the quality standards established to achieve this same accreditation (for example, the evaluation of conformity with respect to quality standards).

Accreditation may be assigned by public entities with the competence to do so or by an independent private entity with public recognition for such and/or with powers conferred by any public institution.

According to the above, when the concept of accreditation refers to an organization, it serves as proof of a level of quality, measured according to different parameters and evaluated by experts.