The term acclaim is used to refer to the expression of approval that is made towards one or several people and that is usually done through applause, shouts, cheers, etc. It is the manifestation of joy that a large group of people expresses, product of the appreciation they feel towards a person or heroic action carried out by someone, who does not necessarily have to be famous.

This acclaim is something as old as the human being itself, since for example in the time of ancient Rome it was customary for emperors, princes and captains, during their presentations, to be acclaimed by the crowd, who showed their congratulations and his emotion for having bravely done some significant deed.

Today it is common to cheer and applaud, since it is a practice that is very present among people, especially when something is being celebrated or participating in something considered festive. For example, it is normal that at birthday parties, graduations, etc. Acclaim the birthday person or recent graduate with applause, shouts, whistles, etc. When he makes an appearance or when he blows out the candles on the cake.

In sports environments, the term cheer is also used, especially when the team of your choice makes a score, or wins the game; in this case the fans go crazy with joy and start screaming and cheering their team.

In politics, it is also common for the leaders of their choice to be acclaimed, especially if they are people who have done an excellent job for their people.