The word abduction comes from Latin roots, especially from the word “abductĭo”, “abductiōnis” which means separation, a Latin voice composed of the prefix “ab” which alludes to “deprivation” or “removal”, plus the verb “ducere”. » which means «to lead», and the suffix «cion» which refers to «action and effect». Abduction is understood as that movement through which an organ, limb or segment distances itself from the median plane that imaginarily divides a certain body into two symmetrical parts. For its part, the movement that opposes this movement called abduction is adduction, which is the displacement by which a limb or organ approaches the central axis of the body.

Also when talking about abduction, it is to refer to the alleged abduction of human beings caused by extraterrestrial beings or aliens with the purpose of carrying out different experiments with them inside their spaceships. This term is widely used in the world of science fiction and in the area of ​​ufology or UFOlogy that is responsible for the study of extraterrestrial phenomena, UFOs, based on the analysis of different types of materials that are related to this matter such as photographs, videos , reports, testimonials, etc.

Another possible use of the word abduction lies in the time of the Roman Empire, where it described the action of dividing the troops, that is, they were divided into different sections. Finally, the RAE states that one of the meanings for abduction in philosophy is the “syllogism whose major premise is obvious and the minor less obvious or only probable.”