Helplessness is a term that defines the feeling of loneliness and sadness that a person feels when they see themselves unprotected in the world. A subject can feel helpless when for some reason he loses a loved one since he will no longer have that affection and that support that was given to him.

This sensation produces an internal restlessness in the subject, knowing that whoever was by his side taking care of him is no more. The individual who is helpless lives in a situation of loneliness and it is for this reason that he feels helpless.

Helplessness is very common in children since it must be taken into account that they are little people who depend absolutely on their parents and that if for some reason they leave and abandon them, these children will enter a state of helplessness, causing them a feeling of vulnerability when feeling that they have been left alone.

This child abandonment is a very common issue these days, since the number of children who walk the streets, alone, begging, because their parents left them and left without caring about their fate, has increased. As you can see, it is a very unfortunate situation.

On the other hand, there is also the helplessness that a person feels when they emigrate to another country. Knowing that you are in a country that is not yours, far from your family, friends, with customs that are not yours, can generate a shock in the individual, since psychologically he is unprotected and without the shelter of his relatives.